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Sales Rep / Field Advisor

The Plumbing Field Advisor position is one, that will require dedication to honing all working relationships to the best of your ability. Mike Counsil Plumbing is a client first organization, we believe that all good things in business will follow the spirit of how can I help the client. While we know the client is not always right, it is our responsibility to exhaust our best effort to know they are happily involved with MCP. Always inform and remind the client of the process along the way, this will help to avoid surprises about the process.

As a MCP Field Advisor your need to cultivate thriving relationships will go well beyond those of the client. Each technician who may be performing sold work will need to be communicated to in a way that is building the relationship between you, remember everybody has a view on how things could be done. The more clarity you have on the contract in explanation of work to be performed the less verbal explanation will be required. Your relationship with dispatch will be essential for smooth transition from one potential opportunity to the next. The more effective you are communicating your next availability and or delays the stronger the working relationship will be, remember we all need each other to work as a team to reach and exceed our goals.

Technician preparing to work

Duties & Responsibilities

    • Fulfill agreed upon schedule (see schedule agreement)
    • Provide prompt reporting to dispatch when in route to call, with expected duration of visit and immediately upon becoming available for next call (see and comply with dispatch policy)
    • Run plumbing service calls, diagnose plumbing systems and product failures (these findings must be clearly shared with clients)
    • Construct and explain options of correction and improvement
    • Use MCP price guide to formulate cost of options discussed
    • Open a dialogue regarding the Home Protection Plan and layout folder
    • Orchestrate the systems and safety evaluations with clients and assigned tech ((know and adjust to assigned techs strengths (you may perform systems and safety evaluations yourself))
    • Coordinate sold jobs with technicians and dispatch
    • Perform basic plumbing jobs, drain cleaning and use of video equipment
    • Fulfill Client Care Confirmation call process on agreements $5000.00 or greater
    • Communicate with Sales Manager potential return visits for options regarding systems and safety evaluation findings
    • Attend company meetings as scheduled
    • Maintain a clean DMV record
    • Maintain valid in home sales license with California State License Board
    • Learn and understand the roles of other sales people to fill in when the demand is greater than their capacity

    Physical demands:

    • Must be able to perform crawlspace/attic evaluations
    • Standard physical activitie


    • Clean DMV record
    • Valid in homes sales license (CSLB)
    • Strong presentation and communication skills
    • Strong mechanical aptitude skills

    Complimentary Assets

    • Construction experience
    • Sales experience
    • Client service industry background
    • Plumbing experience


  • Continuing training and education with career advancement opportunities
  • Complete benefits package paid medical/vision, 401K with matching, paid time-off and breakfast/ drinks/ snacks
  • Gas paid, truck provided, launder uniform, 24 Hour Super Sports membership, and monthly bonuses

Applications Are Accepted on an Ongoing Basis

We are looking for both experienced and entry level individuals; we will train you to become a service technician. Please send us your resume and we will invite you to meet with us for an interview.

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